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Why Gaskets Are Used?To prevent the passage of any media between two stationary members a compressible element that is made of combination of materials is clamped between those members. That compressible element is the “GASKET”.The gasket material selected must be capable of sealing mating surfaces, resistant to the medium being sealed, and able to withstand the application temperatures and pressures.
Gasket SelectionGaskets are classified as: * Soft cut Gaskets * Semi metallic gaskets * Metallic Gaskets The physical properties and performance of a gasket will vary extensively, depending on the type of gasket selected and the materials from which it is manufactured. Physical properties are important factors when considering gasket design and the primary selection of a gasket type is based on the following: * Temperature of the media to be contained * Pressure of the media to be contained * Criticality of the application * Corrosive nature of the application
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